I feel like I never have enough brushes, but there are also those brushes I can’t live without.  These are my go to favorites in my kit.

WHAT: Bdellium Tools Travel Brushes

WHY: They are one of my favorite brush lines for a few reasons. I’m obsessed with short handle brushes. They allow me to get closer to the face so I can focus more on detail. If you are doing your own makeup a short handle brush will give you a better balance in your hand. They also take less room up in my kit, which is constantly expanding.

WHAT: MAC Cosmetics Fan and Eyeliner brushes

WHY: Mac makes some great brushes but my two standout favorites are the 184 Fan Brush and the 210 Eyeliner Brush.  The 184 is a Duo Fibre brush so I can use liquids as well as powders with it.  Perfect for cream or liquid blush as well as contouring with powders.  The 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush has a firm pointed tip which allows me to do the perfect winged eyeliner look.

WHAT: Artis Circle 1 and Artis Linear 1

WHY: The Artis brushes are a new approach to makeup brushes.  I love the circle one to buff in concealer under the eyes and the Linear 1 is great for eyebrows and eyeliner.

WHAT: Billy B Beauty Brushes

WHY: Like the Bdellium Tool brushes all of Billy B’s brushes are short handled.  The unique thing about this collection is the shape of these brushes.  The powder and blush ones are smaller than you will find in other brands.  This allows precise placement of your powder products.  The stand out winners of this collection are the #9 and #10 brushes.  The #9 brush can be used for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes as well as placing mascara on the bottom lashes perfectly.  The #10 is the best eyeliner brush I’ve ever used.

WHERE TO GET: Bdellium Tools Travel Brushes184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush210 Precise Eyeliner BrushArtis Circle 1Linear 1Billy B Beauty Brushes at Beautylish