September 21st, 2012

NFW SS/13 had some stand out makeup but the trend seems to be a throwback to the 1990s.  While the '90s were known for minimilast makeup trends this revamped 90s look is minimal yet updated for 2012.

In the 90's matte skin was all the rage.  The new 90s look is all about luminous dewy skin with strategic contouring.  A pop of highlighter on your cheekbones and nose while using that favorite bronzer as a blush contour.  

Boyish eyebrows also seem to be very popular this time around.  Almost a 90's grunge feel but more thought about.  Thin brows are out and so are extreme arches.

The big difference from those minimal makeup days is the use of color.  2012 saw a lot of bright pops of color like the tangerine that's been used in almost every makeup line this year.  Unlike past trends where you would see a bold lip or eye and a more natural opposite feature, this look is about a pop of color and a bare opposite feature.  If you do a bold red or dark plum lip your eyes just have a little concealer and powder put on and no mascara.  If you do a pop of color using a bright teal or green liner on the eyes your lips just have a cherry chapstick or balm used to even them out.  The color you choose should be bright and vibrant.  Neon shades are in so go for those greens, pinks and blues.

Talking about mascara I'm seeing a grunge chunky mascara look.  Most of the shows they either used no mascara at all or very thick chunky applications.  The glam look of the 2000s is out so don't worry about combing every lash out for a perfect eye fringe.

All in all keep it simple focus on luminous beautiful skin and pick your best feature and emphasize it with one of the hot colors for 2013.


September 7th, 2012

Check out the Refinery 29 Fall makeup story where I talk about how to do the Chanel and Jason Wu runway makeup looks.

August 22nd, 2012



The 2013 Award Season brought a lot of new trends from the runway to the red carpet.  Everything from dewy skin to the iconic 1990s full brow.  One of my favorite looks this season was carried over from last years obsession with everything tangerine.


Jessica Alba's bold tangerine orange lip color is an example of how to wear an editorial look while keeping the rest of your makeup glamorous.



  • To recreate this red carpet makeup start by washing a champagne shimmer across your lid.  I like Mac's All That Glitters eyeshadow.




  • Next work Mac's Soft Brown eyeshadow into the crease and up onto the brow bone, making sure to blend this warm shade softly upward.




  • Then contour your outer lid with Mac's Expresso eyeshadow and sweep it along the upper lash line.
  • Finish of the eyes with a set of wispy natural strip lashes and a few coats of Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.





  • To get this bright lip I like Makeup Forever's Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #40 Satin Bright Orange





  • Finish off the look by blending Makeup Forever's blush in #25 Apricot Orange Sheen to add a warm glow to your cheeks.




August 10th, 2012

I've been reading a lot about BB creams the last 6 months or so. If you don't know BB creams are all the rage in the US this year. Originally a hit in Asian countries, BB creams are basically multi use creams that combine all of your skincare and foundation into one product. Think of the standard tinted moisturizer with a higher spf, more coverage and loaded with vitamin c, e, and anything else you might use for your skin.

Many American companies are creating their own versions but I hear the Korean brands are the best. So, I decided to create my own BB cream as I wanted something that is unique to my skin tone, needs and products I already have. I combined all of my products and put it into a small dropper bottle you'd use for makeup. You can get these online or just put it in a small jar with a lid. Here is what I did for mine.

I started off with my favorite sunblock Neutrogena SPF 70 dry touch lotion. I really like this sunblock not only because it has a high SPF but it works well for the face as it's not too oily and doesn't break me out. You'll never find a BB cream or tinted moisturizer with this great of broad spectrum coverage.  If you want to lighten sun spots or your skintone in general you can also add a hydroquinone cream in at this point.

Next I added one of my secret skin care products that I'm really loving these days, Nia 24. This niacin infused cream is a skin strengthening complex that helps give you that thicker younger looking skin that has been thinned out by acne products, Retina A, chemical peels and age. It's amazing stuff and I use it daily.

I squeezed in 2 vitamin E capsules which helps moisturize and keep my skin soft.

I then put in some of Dr. Perricone's Vitamin C concentrated restorative cream. Vitamin C is great for dark spots, sun damage and to load up your skin with Vitamin C which is known to speed up the skin cells rejuvenation process.

As this is a BB cream you want to add color to your cream. BB creams have more coverage than a tinted moisturizer so make sure to add enough of your favorite matching liquid foundation so, you don't need to do foundation after applying. I put in about 10 drops of my favorite foundation which matches my skin's undertone perfectly. Most BB creams only come in light and medium shades. These shades are very neutral and most brands don't have any that work well for darker skin tones. This is another plus to creating your own as it will match you perfectly. If your sunblock is thick you might need to add more foundation to overcome the sunblock's white color.

Finally I added a few drops of a skin illuminizer from Smashbox. This will give me that subtle glow until my BB cream nourishes my skin enough to glow on it's own.

July 5th, 2012

This year we've been seeing a lot of color in makeup but at the BET awards smokey eyes and nude lips were all the rage.  MTV star La La Anthony looked stunning with glossy nude lips, a smokey eye and warm blush.  I really loved her fishtail loose braid.  It's the perfect hair for the red carpet as the style stays in tact the whole night.  Remember to do this braid use 4 pieces instead of the usual 3 for a french braid.  Pull sections out to pull off a casual look to this braid.

Beyonce also went with a smokey eye and neutral lip.  I swear she can pull off any makeup look like she woke up that way.  Smokey eyes aren't about finidng the darkest color and blending it out.  Try using a black or gray shadow just in the crease and outter corner of your lid while using a neutral shade in the inner lid.  This will open your eyes while still giving you the sultry look of a dark smokey eye.

 One exeception to this look at this year's BET awards was Nicki Minaj.  She always shows up with a pop of color and this time didn't dissapoint.  She wore a bright pink lipstick and her eyes were done with a cut crease.  To try this cut crease at home apply a brown shadow using an angled eyeliner brush to your crease and only blend on top of the shadow not into the crease.  This eye design is great to create a bigger lid if you don't have a lot of eye lid real estate naturally.  

To create the smokey eyes you saw on the red carpet try Smashbox's Smokebox Palette

For the bright Nicki pink lip use Mac's lipstick in Pink Nouveau